Sola Salon Studios offers plenty of self-parking in the main parking area in front of the building of by taking the driveway on the south side of the complex leading to the upper parking lot behind Borelli's Restaurant or curving around to the upper north side of the complex. There are stairs located near both upper parking areas leading you to the lower parking lot where Sola is located. There are two disabled parking spots in front of the building. 


If you arrive early, there are restrooms and seating inside the Sola building (please no cell phone conversations). For long appointments, you may want to use the restroom before we begin. I will have water available for you before we begin your session. 

Skin analysis form

Peel Post Care


Skin Tips

- Give yourself and your skin extra hydration for up to one week before your appointment

-For oily skin types, use an oil-free hydrating lotion and a mild cleanser

-Use a hydrating lotion to provide moisture for all skin types

-Avoid over exfoliating to prevent drying out your skin and making it become irritated

-Avoid using over the counter facial soaps and high alkaline cleansers which dry out your skin

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